Initial Cluster Reduction of /r/-blends Book 1


Product Description

The cluster reduction r-blends flip book 1 game contains 15 minimal pairs for r/pr, p/pr, r/br, b/br, r/fr, f/fr words in the initial position. This game includes the spiral bound flip book, child data collection sheets, SLP data collection sheets and sun stickers.

This book is comprised of minimal pair words and pictures for the phonological processes of cluster reduction of /r/ blends in the initial position of words. Cluster reduction occurs when the client deletes one phoneme out of a sequence of two phonemes. For example, the client says “bake” for “brake” or “rake” for “brake.”

To target this phonological process place the sun stickers on the words beginning with /r/ clusters. This book targets /r/ blends with bilabials and labio-dentals.


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